Welcome to the Alpenhof Spa
Good to know

Spa Reception
We are in daily from 10:00 am - 20:00 clock.
For appointments and further information, please contact our staff at the spa department telephone number: 19 or at our hotel front desk telephone number 11
From abroad: Phone number: +43 (0) 64 57 / 22 05 or by email: hotel@alpenhof.info
In order to guarantee the desired spa applications, we recommend that before the arrival dates to book.

Spa Etiquette
Relaxation to be learned. We know what you should look. We look forward to seeing you at the Alpenhof Spa and would like to offer the best service. Switch off - fall can succeed best when served at no bustle your applications.
Take care of your stomach, because massages are uncomfortable with a full belly. Nibble between prefer fruit or dried fruit and enjoy a cup of ayurveda tea or Grander Water at the Spa Bar. Drink sufficiently distributed throughout the day for at least 2 liters (with sauna sessions at least 3 liters).

Spa area
The rest area is desire for peace with our guests at the top. Please enable it and enjoy all the other guests that rest. In addition, all electronic devices in the spa area are prohibited. We kindly ask you, do not reserve the loungers on a permanent basis with personal belongings.
Our young guests are allowed unrestricted access to the pool (heated outdoor pool), the spa area is a nude area and the access after 4.00 pm is from 16 years of age.

Please keep your jewelry safe in your room for safety on. Valuables that are found in bathrobe pockets are usually not assigned.

To enjoy the full treatment time and make things as convenient as possible, we recommend that you have in your bathrobe and comfortable clothing to come to the dates. In your room you will find a bag with bath robe and shoes.

In our wellness area includes towels. Please use the sauna for health reasons in the towel so that your body does not come into contact with the wood. Showering before and after the sauna is taken for granted.

As part of an individual consultation at the beginning of your stay, we will inform you which applications and packages are recommended for you.

Your health is important to us
To vote your spa treatments best for you, please let us know early in the appointment of possibly health problems (limitations of the musculoskeletal system, high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, a recent surgery and pregnancy) This information will be treated confidentially.

Please arrive 5 minutes before an appointment at our beauty area and get in the mood for a cup of tea in your wellness treatment. Please wait at the Spa reception. Your feel-good therapist will bring you there in person. Men should shave yourself at least 3 hours before a facial. Treatments with ”*“ including time to calm.

Especially for this time we have put together their own packages. We are happy to advise you on the spot for you which treatments and applications are recommended at this time.

Kids & Teenies
For kids from 6 to 10 years and teenagers aged 11 to 15 years, we have put together special packages and applications.

We hope you will understand that cancellations be made no later than 24 hours before application of the booked date, must otherwise be 100% charged.
Should you be late for your appointment, your treatment time will unfortunately be shorter. The application ends on time so the next guest does not have to wait.

Are you looking for an unusual gift for a loved one, we provide vouchers for treatments, a beauty day spa, or voucher, etc. Let us know! Giving a gift is a pleasure.

Rest and drink
We recommend that you immediately after your treatment, treat themselves to a resting period afterwards (about 5 minutes). Please drink plenty of water or a ayurvedic tea, we would like to invite you to the bar to our spa.


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